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What this means is that you can be more direct and up-front with your own intentions and desires.

38 best Perks of Dating Me images on Pinterest | Funny stuff, Funny things and Hilarious quotes

Older women tend to have more experience in dating, relationships, and in the bedroom. So dating older women gives you a great opportunity to learn a thing or two in all these areas. You can do this simply by using touch more and more during your interactions. When you touch her you build sexual tension, and when you pull your touch away that tension releases. Relationships teach us a lot about ourselves so by dating a wide variety of women you open yourself up to learn more about who you are.

One of the best ways to learn and grow through a relationship comes through deep rapport. Rapport is essentially sharing your emotional world with one another. It also helps her feel safe opening up, which is going to make the connection even stronger. Women who have more life experience are going to be more emotionally mature.

The fact is the same playful, child-like banter that works with younger women is going to work with older women too.

Benefits of Dating Fat Chicks

Older women are likely going to have different interests than their younger counterparts. The year-old who goes clubbing every weekend is probably going to spend more nights in calmer environments like a jazz bar, or home by the time she hits After all some women may miss the wild party scene they were a part of when they were younger.

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So dating a younger guy is a great chance for her to reconnect with that lifestyle. You can be the guy who shakes up her new routine, and reminds her just how fun those other environments can be. For more tips and advice on dating women be it older, younger, or women your age click here.

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Brian M - author of posts on The Art of Charm. Once he realized attraction was something he could learn, Brian spent way too much of his free time studying and practicing everything he could find on the subject. This narrative is based on our own thoughts and feelings in our relationship. We recognize that Rachel shares only her own observations, and that many of these things could be achieved no matter what relationship it is—two boys dating, a boy and a girl dating, or any other type of romantic relationship.

Also, not all same-sex female relationships occur this way. We hope you enjoy this list, and we look forward to hearing what you think! Girls-only invites A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I attended a girls-only birthday party for a straight female friend of mine. I felt very lucky that my girlfriend got to be there with me!

It got us thinking about the benefits of being a girl who is a dating a girl. Here are a few more highlights…. Dressing rooms Two words: It turns going to the mall into a fun and sexy adventure. Sharing clothes My girlfriend and I have very different styles, but I still like knowing that I have someone to share clothes with.

Gender roles Most people who meet my girlfriend and I think they have a sense of who wears the pants. Literally she wears pants all the time, and more often than not I am in a dress.

5 unexpected benefits of dating a younger partner

But when it comes to our relationship, we have the privilege of defining our own roles without anything being predefined except what works for us. We figure out what works based on who we are and what feels good. Subtlety In January, my girlfriend and I decided to participate in a group activity together. Even though we both wanted to participate, we made a decision to join the group as individuals and not as a couple. Every week, we would go to the activity together and drive home together, but we took a few weeks to develop our own identities in the group as individuals before sharing with the group that we were a couple.

I think that if we were a straight couple, it would have been harder for us to keep our relationship to ourselves. Since we both value having our own individual identities, this was a lovely gift. Pockets and purses When I told my girlfriend I was writing this article, we were taking a walk and I was literally in the process of handing her my keys to put in her pocket, and with that we both burst into giggles, as we were enacting one of the benefits of our relationship right then.

I know that she will put my keys in her pocket if need be. Or if I am carrying a purse, she knows she has a place to put her keys, wallet, phone…and a book. Female roommates Both my girlfriend and I have two straight female roommates. Over the last few months, we have spent a lot of time sleeping together and alternating where we stay.

Over the time we have been dating, we have never struggled with any discomfort from our female roommates. All the spooning Cuddling is one of the best things. Sometimes I get to be a big spoon, and sometimes she does. Sometimes we do what we call egalitarian spooning, where we both lie on our side face to face and body to body. Just call Another wonderful experience is not waiting for her to call me.

Going back to not having predefined gender roles, we never felt that she had to wait for me to call her or vice versa. We just called each other. I have a pretty amazing girlfriend, and some of these highlights might be especially true because of the particular relationship that we have. There are many amazingly wonderful and unique things, beyond sex, about being a girl dating a girl. I say, I choose her! Never miss a great event again!

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