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I went through a marriage with a man when I was very young but no children together. Im not looking to have kids. I joined this service last year and the process takes time. Love is a numbers game you need to be patient. Sometimes it only takes one person to change your life but it takes you to decide that. Thanks Toronto Matchmakers for everything, wouldn't have been here without the team guiding me at my hardest times. I am a single, 35 year old woman and I just wanted to bring matchmaking company Toronto Matchmakers to your attention.

I hesitantly signed up with them on October 9, I had a telephone as well as an in person interview with them in which I provided them with my absolute deal breakers, a most important one was that the man not have any children. They assured me that they had a huge pool of men to match me with who met my expectations. The agreement between the company and I was for 6 matches and specifies that a match would be provided to me in weeks.

As of December 9th,the 8 week mark, no match had been provided to me. On December 27th, I called the company and spoke to a lady, Emma I believe, I advised her that I wanted to cancel and that she should close my file. She advised me that per the agreement, there are no refunds. I advised her that the agreement had already been breached by them since there was no match in the promised weeks. At that point Emma said someone from management would have to call me back.

I asked for a timeline; would it be a week? A month or two months? Emma would not commit to a timeline but said it could be two months before I hear from someone and that was not guaranteed. I found this response unacceptable since the company requests that matters be resolved with them, so I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charges. I sent my bank a copy of the agreement, indicating that there had been no match in the weeks as promised in the agreement and received my money back. I also sent a written cancellation email to the company on the same day I spoke to Emma and emailed my bank, December 27th.

Some weeks later, the bank took the money back from the company and refunded it to me. The company tried to quickly come up with a match for me, but this was after the 8 week period had passed and this person had children which was a deal breaker that I had provided to them verbally and in writing. I sent another email cancellation to confirm I was no longer interested in their services. They provided me no matches throughout their stated timeline and the rushed match they attempted to provide was not at all what we agreed upon or what they promised.

I would just like to warn people about this company. They use high pressure tactics to get people to sign up. They over promise and under deliver. They offer terrible customer service, clearly since they think taking 2 months to call a customer back is appropriate. I know there are many people out there like me that just want a meaningful relationship in their lives.

Someone to start a family and create memories with. I cannot speak for match making in general however, I can say that from my experience, this company is not the answer! When I declined Joanne contacted her manager to authorize the discount. Mind you during my telephone interview, before going in, when I asked about cost I was told that they could not give me pricing because it was different for everyone and they did not have packaging.

Just a tactic to get people in the door! They take your money and fail to match you or even return your phone calls. If you ever do get the opportunity to speak with someone, they advise they are under new management and promise to right the wrongs of previous management. They prey on vulnerable people. Do not fall for this scam! I joined Toronto Matchmakers last year, and so far they only sent me three people whom I was not at all attracted too.

I have contacted them several times hoping they will send me more people they suppose to send you eight referrals to choose from and they have not even replied to me. So think carefully about departing with your hard earned money. I had a great experience with Toronto Matchmakers. I was hesitant at first as I was not sure if they had what I was looking for but I thought to myself, what did I really have to loose trying?

I am now in long term relationship with a great man I met through this professional service. We are planning Mexico for January together and this was the best decision I have ever made. You don't know what you're missing until you take a chance. Thanks to this team Christmas this year was the best and memorable sharing both our families together.

They take your money and then they disappear My personal experience with the company was great! I spent a big part of my life building my career and taking of my children as a single parent and did not think about myself for a long time. One of my kids came to me and asked why I was still alone and I didn't have an answer to that. As the only person to blame was me. It took a lot for to make the initial appointment, they were always fully booked so we went around for a while before I was able to get in. My criteria was very specific, the consultant was very straight forward matches will take longer if I am not open Height, age, education, Religion Like a lot of these reviews on here, I did write a terrible review on this company last year I will be the first to admit it , I met 5 matches that I felt were not my type but nice folks I was so angry I called the company a scam and gave each person here a very hard time called them a few times a day just to vent my frustration.

Im quite I'm embarrassed now. They never gave up on me, when I know they should've I am currently in a very happy relationship my 6th match and I thought to make up for a terrible review I wrote on here.. Hello, my name is E and I joined Toronto Matchmakers about 1. I didn't know if I wanted to be married again but was open to the idea if the right person came along. Well, she sure did. After a few matches with some really nice ladies in the service, I met Julie. She joined in the Mississauga location, and completely took me for surprise.

First date, as if I have known this lady my entire life. Thanks everyone for encouraging us and sticking by our side. Adding to my other review As a psychic I strongly believe, that is one and the same person creating fake profiles and posting positive reviews, in order to attract new victims. I was not one of them; luckily. Good luck and keep your own money for your own needs, don't waste it on them. Best decision in my life was when I decided to take a chance with Toronto Matchmakers. I don't feel it is fair for the negative remarks calling this company a scam.

If you trace back to the reviews on this page it marks back to for the first review, if a company is a "scam" don't you think they would be shut down the same day they opened?

How Much Does Toronto Matchmakers Cost?

With most things in life, patience with a mix of positive attitude goes a long way. Love is not something you buy off a shelf. When I joined Toronto Matchmakers, sure, I was beyond hesitant because I know what I brought to the table, education and looks was my 1 request. First few matches were okay. I was kind of disappointed questioning my decision at first. But I did make 3 great friends but none were my type Chemistry wise. Until my 4th match, these guys nailed it.

If I didn't invest in this for myself I never would've met Lorenzo. We booked for our second trip to Italy for December this year! Thank you Toronto Matchmakers for listening to me and for Lorenzo to show me what love was again. After a month I had one introduction but I haven't met anyone! Toronto Matchmakers is a waste of time. Having tried numerous dating avenues over the years the best decision I ever made was to go to Toronto Matchmakers.

I met my perfect match on my third introduction and we both felt an immediate connection. I think the time they take to understand what you are looking for and what is important to you, as well as privacy being a major concern for them made the experience feel safe but a very enjoyable experience. I liked the interest the consultants took in getting to know me and making me feel very comfortable with the process.

Would recommend them to anyone looking for a life partner. I told them what I was looking for, my first match had 4 young kids and the guy was about half my size and I'm about lbs, on a bad day hahah. Today is Valentine's day and I thought I should write a review. A year ago today I had no one to share my love with. I joined this service and this year is a different story. You never know how much having someone can change your life until you have the right person.

I am a different man and I am glad I took a chance on this. Stay far away and do not fall for the "expert" advise they have. I am so humiliated. They use a dartboard to pick your matches. After I paid she wrote on the contract 'Matches will take longer due to height weight age and area location'.

That was a far cry from the "pitch" I received until I paid. Sending me for Do not waste your time and money with this site called Lifemates. I am very disappointed in this company and the fraudulent ways they do business. I went through an extensive interview with Barb, including questions on my financials and then was scheduled to have my photograph taken. I was told that matches do not see the photos, that the matchmakers use them to pair matches together.

I was also told that there are more mature women than men, therefore we pay more to belong! I had a total of ten matches that could be used up in what was referred to as a lifetime contract. Barb said I would have no problem with being matched as I was slender, in great shape, with long hair and took good care of myself. The first match was decent but after the second date he started talking marriage, even though it was "Lifemates" that was too soon and frightened me, so I went on hold.

One year later I opened my membership again. The next seven matches were awful.

Toronto Matchmakers | Reviews | Better Business Bureau® Profile

One man was disgusting with mannerisms and very inappropriate comments. The next was extremely overweight, another I caught lying as he had been on a "online dating" site that I had belonged to on a free month trial! I placed my membership on hold again! Recently I decided to open the membership to the last three matches remaining.

When I tried to contact Lifemates to do so, I had problems with my phone calls being returned. I went to the office on Macleod trail to find out it had closed. I finally managed to connect with a representative after one month of consistently trying and she said the company was undergoing changes. Eventually I was given two matches. One was not local. I had never asked for out of city! The ninth and final match was enough to leave me thoroughly disappointed and never to return. He was nothing like the profile, had taken no time to read the information blurb provided. He didn't even know what color of hair I had.

When we met in person he was nothing similar to what I requested to be matched with!! I sent an email to the matchmaking team asking about the profiles of the men that Lifemates were matching me with. The first reply came back with my profile. My second email was never responded to. I decided to cut my losses. I believed the matches would improve. In reality the matches became less than my lowest of expectations. To all the lovely ladies out there who wish to find a life partner, save your money!! Take a vacation, or spa retreat, buy a few new outfits or some fantastic jewelry. You will find more satisfaction in doing that then you will with the quality of men to be found in Lifemates matchmaking service.

I registered with Lifemates Canada in Calgary in and met with a Babs. She and I engaged in an extensive interview and I provided her with a lot of information. I am not a wealthy woman but I really had confidence in the organization so I made the purchase. The 4 men I was asked to meet with either did not respond to my phone calls, they decided I was not the right person for them and vice versa.

I ended up putting my account on hold and was told to contact them when I was ready.

I have now been trying to contact Lifemates via the number nobody ever answers Only one time the message came on and when I tried to leave a message it said the mailbox was full. I sent a letter to Babs at the Lifemates location here in Calgary on Macleod Trail and the letter was returned as non deliverable.

I do not understand how this business continues to operate. No calls returned, no emails returned either I've sent three and no communication whatsoever. Is this a lifetime contract??? I find it outrageous and humiliating and I see from the complaints that I am not the only person this has happened to. I want a Lifemates representative to call me or email me and I want my account reinstated or I want my money back. If you are a middle-aged woman, be warned and do not sign up with this fraudulent dating organization. I was extensively interviewed by someone in the Calgary office by the name of Barb.

Barb mentioned to me that I will have a date at least every 6 weeks; because I was pretty, slim, healthy and fit. She was great at giving compliments during the interview. They do not share the photos with any potential matches. I was encouraged to provide a description and details of the men that I would like to be matched with. My preference was someone healthy and fit, with a university degree, not religious and not bald. The five matches included men who had no degree, men with health issues, an evangelical religious man and someone who was bald.

If Barb interviews any of you please heed the reviews before executing a contact with Lifemates. They do not adhere to their so-called contracts. Barb is not truthful. Also, I would advise that you request a business card with a local phone number for direct contact with the interviewer; as the Lifemate staff contacts are out-of-province, with alias names.

They do business from afar. I have phoned and emailed them numerous times with respect to setting me up with another match. They are not returning any of my queries. My last so-called match was over 7 months ago. I was so fed up with the poor customer service and lack of matches I was receiving I decided to go to Small Claims Court to get my money back.

When I went to serve the papers at the Ottawa location I found a notice on the door saying that they had to vacate the premises because they hadn't paid their rent. I called the property manager who told me that they were in receivership. After making my own inquiries I found out that if you pay for the service on your credit card you might be able to contact them and request your money back. Otherwise you're probably out of luck. Don't join because you won't get what you promised. I agree with so many other dissatisfied clients.

There's no matching done here at all. They didn't even come close. I think they threw darts at a board.

Are Professional Matchmakers Worth The Price?

But the fact that they charge women 10x the amount they charge men is very sexist! I wish I would have read all these comments before I signed up with them in Though there was an extensive questionnaire and interview process, and the interviewer encouraged me to be very specific in my search criteria, Lifemates never did provide me with anyone even close to the criteria I had specified. In 18 months, I was provided with 4 matches and one was 7 months after the one before.

One of these matches had a life-threatening heart condition, although two of my top criteria were "healthy and active". Don't waste your money. There is a very limited database of middle-aged and healthy men, as reported to me from those four matches who all said they are called frequently with "matches" by Lifemates for this reason. I started a civil claim against Lifemates which had provided me with 4 matches in 19 months. There was very little compatibility in all four referrals. I signed up with Lifemates in December Only one date since that was very far from expectations and what I requested.

Four other contacts since then and some not available. The last one was rude and impolite on the phone. No one to one contacts with matchmakers after you sign the contract and pay your money. I did ask for a refund but was told that it would not be possible as they had offered me two matches already. This comment I hope will help others who are considering signing up with Lifemates. Definitely not a professional service. They do not deliver what they "Promise" to their clients. Cheap online dating services do a lot more!

It just never clicked. Either than that I have not heard from them since Nov and I have 1 year unlimited and still no matches. I will be talking to my credit card company about fraud because I didn't receive any of their service. They just stole the money and that's it. It's funny how at the beginning before you sign up they call you nonstop and now you don't hear from them at all once they take your money. Do not spend the money for this service. I signed up a year ago and have been contacted by them once for a match.

This match only occurred because I phoned after six months to find out what was going on. They gave me a contact the next day and when I asked why I had to phone them to make this happen, they basically said I got put at the top of the list because I complained at how long it was taking. The match did not work out and I have heard nothing since. As with many others who have submitted reviews, I was led to believe during the initial "interview" that I would be "easy to match" and that there were "lots of members" who would fit what I was looking for.

It is now almost six months into the process and I have had ONE match only and he didn't fit the criteria that I had requested when answering the questions during the intake interview. It take a great deal of courage to go out and seek assistance with finding a companion. Lifemates also charges a considerable amount of money and promises the world which they DO NOT deliver on. I cannot believe that I am paying for a service who does not respond to emails, does not provide the level of service they promise during the initial interview, and do not provide matches based on the criteria that they specifically ask for.

I am very, very dissatisfied with this service and would strongly recommend to anyone NOT to sign up for Lifemates.

Are They Local To Ontario?

I would not recommend Lifemates to anyone. I have had two matches both of which were totally incompatible. I have not had any other matches. I have been told that due to my age 60 matches may take longer. However, when I was first interviewed I was assured there was a large pool of men in the age group I was looking for, and that "You will do well. We have no matches for you".

My criteria is too specific, the age group is harder to match, the manager will not return my calls, and I feel that I have been ripped off. They will not refund a portion of what I paid. Someone who regulates or oversees this consumer area should be looking into this company as they are not keeping up with their end of the bargain. I see this type of review over and over when I read the posted reviews online and have been told that they do not have a good reputation. I can't even get past the receptionist. I was told the manager was away, then I was told she only calls back Monday to Thursday because Fridays are too busy and on and on.

I joined Lifemates in October , so far till March , I only got two referrals. I am in my early 30's, attractive with a decent career. This is the most ridiculous thing happens to me in my entire life. I would definitely put them to court to get my money back. I was promised that because I am young, it would be easy and they gave me half price off.

The two guys disabled, one in leg the other one multiple could not even say things clearly. I feel bad for them too. I joined this extremely expensive Lifemates Website to find possible men looking for the same things in a dating relationship. My first referral told me I was too large for him which I found truly inappropriate behaviour for such a well-advertised referral plan.

My next referral was on so many drugs that he was totally incoherent and confused. I called the agency and finally received a response after several attempts. My file information was totally incorrect and was told that I should receive better referrals based on this new information. My next referral was married and definitely not an eligible candidate for any kind of relationship. I have tried numerous occasions to make contact with these people but it appears that once you sign on the dotted line and pay your very expensive membership fee they really don't care about anything including returning your calls.

Definitely NOT recommended as a professional business. They say a lot and deliver minimal. Just trying to contact them was a chore. Total waste of time and money. I signed up in Sept. I got my first one and only one October 10, The match was nothing like what I was supposed to be looking for, and I believe we only matched in location and age, and the fact that he was male. And that was it. Two months later I was given the name of a match, he didn't call me like he was supposed to. When I called him, he said he wasn't part of Lifemates even though they claimed they called him and asked him if he would accept me as a date.

I repeatedly sent emails saying I wanted my money back, that I did not believe they were managing their part of the bargain, and they would respond by email with the statement "thanks for your feedback! We'll look for another match for you! Here it is 4 months later and when I called wanting my money back, they say: I don't believe the second one was even real.

I was amazed how many times I read my own story. Here is my experience. I called LifeMates to enquire about their services but had to leave a message. When I received a callback the greatest point of interest was my financial situation. The next step was the in person interview. The person I spoke with on the phone told me to be very clear on my expectations and criteria so I made a list. During the interview the woman I spoke with kept telling me how easy it would be to match me using flattery and pressure to have me join immediately, at one point using the phrases "Are you serious about finding someone?

I'm over 50 and heavy which was part of why I went to LifeMates because I thought someone mature would appreciate the person without looking for Barbie, after all men also age. But she kept telling me I didn't look 50 and I carried my weight well, blah, blah, blah. She took down all my criteria, changed the height requirement I wanted because she said I was being too fussy and told me I could expect a call a month on average. I asked what the membership numbers were, wanting to have an idea of the pool they would be drawing from, statistically speaking.

The interviewer said she didn't have that information but the welcome caller could answer that and any other questions I had. That seemed reasonable so I joined and I was excited. It was a lot of money but I hadn't expected it to be cheap. The welcome caller calls and I ask her about the membership numbers and she can't give me that information so I ask why I was lied to and the runaround begins.

I speak to a supervisor who apologizes and says they have thousands of male members who match my criteria but she can't be any more specific than that. I joined in May , I was contacted a few weeks later regarding one match. The gentleman and I spoke on the phone but he was not a match to my criteria so it did not go further.

I relayed my comments, as required, but heard nothing. Six months passed without hearing anything so I called the office. The person I spoke to said they were working on my file but couldn't find a match so I asked how that was possible with 1,s of members. She said she would have a supervisor call me. A few days went by and no call but alas another match.

This gentlemen was completely out of my area so I refused the match. I received a call from a supervisor, called after that and was told I was negative and that I had to be more flexible if I wanted to be happy. She also told me at my age and size I was difficult to match and it would take longer. So now I was the problem and their inability to find a match or to keep me informed or use my criteria was my fault. Quite a different story from the interview. These people play on a person's vulnerabilities and mock the courage it takes to put oneself in a position to ask strangers for this type of help.

They are immoral and should be criminal. I joined Lifemates in February of It is now Feb and I have had 3 proposed dates. When I joined, I was told that I would have an average of at least 1 date per month which I thought was low, but I was willing to try the service.

Also, because I was wanting someone 5'11" or taller, my chances were lower than other members. I did accept that, thinking this well-established company would have a large database of members. My concerns began in March when I was waiting for a fellow to call me based on what Lifemates had said.

I was told to hang tight. I didn't receive any contact so on March 31st I emailed to ask, again, how long should I wait. After waiting a few days, I called in to report this and voiced my concerns over the process. This is when I started to be concerned as I was told "because you've had your first contact, you cannot cancel.

When I went back to my emails, I could not find this said email so I called in to let Lifemates know. I did request that my email address be changed to ensure I received them all at work and on my phone. I quickly realized that the staff at this company are well-trained on how NOT to allow a client voice their concerns and that money is their only focus.

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Payment is all they want. I wrote the fellow who signed me up in September I also questioned the process, timeframes and money that I had prepaid as well as if there was a way to get out of the contract. Through my complaint, I received a 3 sentence response and found the following things to have happened: The original fellow suggested there was another match being prepared and that maybe this would be the one. He did not offer any advice or insight to any of my concerns. I immediately responded with all of the details of my calls, how much I had spent and the true disappointment of the lack of information on my file that I had provided.

I received no response. In December, my wallet was taken so I had to close off my credit cards. I called Lifemates to let them know that I needed to do an update. I did not receive a response. I suggested that that was a lot of money for 11 months to only have received 3 leads in total. Lifemates says there are 5.

The concern of wanting to update my account, with no callback was unacceptable. To me, it just shows how they were mishandling my account and membership. I advised Lifemates that I no longer required their services and based on the amount of money I had already put forth, we should just call it a day. On January 27th, I followed up via email advising that no one had yet acknowledged my email of the 19th.

On January 28th, I missed a call from Lifemates and returned their call within a few hours. I then called again on January 29th. On February 1st, I emailed again, letting them know that I had returned their call 2x's and no one had yet responded or acknowledged my emails. It is February 3rd today.