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  1. The IT Crowd to get another US reboot with new cast | Daily Mail Online
  2. What is The IT Crowd?
  3. The IT Crowd to get another US reboot with new cast
  4. The IT Crowd to get another US reboot with new cast
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They are invited to an actual game, and Roy is invited to a poker night, but when Roy finds himself in debt to one of his new acquaintances, he offers to do them a favour by driving them to their event. However, he is shocked to discover that the event is a bank robbery. Meanwhile, Jen has trouble dating a man who Roy remarks looks like a stage magician.

The IT Crowd to get another US reboot with new cast | Daily Mail Online

Following the events of the series 2 episode finale, Jen, Moss and Roy receive a disappointing settlement from their sexual harassment lawsuit. Moss suffers a concussion from running into a door, and forgets everything he knows about computers. Jen pursues a new job, but finds herself tongue-tied when asked what IT stands for. Roy, who had his t-shirt dirtied and his jacket given away to help an elderly co-worker, is chased around the office by security and kicked out for being shirtless and without his door pass.

He is forced to wander the streets begging for money. Douglas, who was forced by the settlement to wear "electric sex pants" — underpants that shock him whenever he becomes aroused — cannot even do simple functions without getting zapped so he gets Moss to disarm it. Jen boasts about winning Employee of the Month and makes Roy and Moss write her acceptance speech. Seeing an opportunity to humiliate her, Roy and Moss trick Jen by lending her "the Internet" which is in the form of a small black box with a blinking light.

They explain that if anything were to befall it, there would be worldwide chaos. Douglas finds the love of his life in a journalist named April, but mishears that she used to be a man, thinking she was from Iran. At the shareholders meeting, Moss and Roy find their prank has backfired when the shareholders hang on Jen's every word about the Internet. After learning the truth about April, Douglas breaks up with April but their ensuing fist fight disrupts the shareholder meeting, crushing the Internet, and causing panic.

Jen persuades Roy and Moss to join the social networking site Friendface. But Roy has to meet up with an old date who was known to wear so much makeup that when she cries she resembles the Joker. At the reunion, Moss brags about Jen, but Roy and the girl crash the party where Roy and Moss then argue over who really loves Jen.

What is The IT Crowd?

Roy is overjoyed when the girls from the seventh floor decide to make a nude calendar as a fundraiser for the debilitatingly " boss-eyed " brother of one of the girls, and Roy is asked be the photographer. Jen, who is offended by the idea, complains and persuades the girls to do a calendar of their grandmothers instead. But when Douglas makes Jen personally responsible for making at least a million pounds from the calendar, she and Roy decide to employ friends of Roy and Moss, leading to a " Geek chic " concept.

Roy is depressed over his recent breakup with his girlfriend. Jen applies to be the company's Entertainment Manager, despite not caring that the position was originally done by a man who would act as a pimp and take clients to seedy places. Roy likens Jen's job to that of Fredo from The Godfather. Douglas tries to have a feminist committee take back the "Shithead of the Year" award they gave him. He is later challenged to "Street Countdown". Roy is visited by a window cleaner Limmy who leaves his stuff at Roy's flat.

He later meets an old acquaintance who has become rather successful, but worries when he is seen in multiple circumstances as a window cleaner. Jen is suspicious of Douglas's secretive manager meetings where the attendants are wearing dressing gowns , and finds a way to get in, only to discover they have changed the meeting to an aerobics class. Douglas becomes interested in "Spaceology" — a New Age-styled religion that employs cosmic ordering — and tries to persuade his employees to follow in his footsteps.

At a Sweet Billy Pilgrim concert event, Roy injures his back while moshing , but when he gets treatment, he is so shocked when the masseur kisses him on the backside, that he takes him to court for sexual harassment.

The IT Crowd to get another US reboot with new cast

Jen, who has fallen in love with the band's geeky-looking keyboard player who has a fixed stare , becomes a groupie and tries her luck as the band's singer. Jealous that her co-worker Linda has been impressing everyone at their executive meetings, Jen pretends to be fluent in Italian so she can become Douglas's interpreter for an upcoming meeting. Moss brags about realising he can put his mobile phone in his shirt pocket for easier convenience, only to have it fall into the toilet, and tries to get an iPhone that he sees in a claw crane machine. Roy discovers that his latest girlfriend has a traumatic past, but is befuddled when he learns the details: Moss helps Jen with a phone conference by installing voice-translation software on her laptop, but when the Italian businessman comes for a face-to-face visit, Jen is denied use of the laptop.

At a Scared Straight! Following lunch at the park, Roy and Moss find their path back is blocked by a bomb threat , they decide to " bunk off ". Jen is disastrously left alone to represent the IT department. Roy and Moss loiter on a bus and at an entertainment shop. After Moss shoplifts some DVDs, the two are ejected by a security guard. On the way back they walk into danger when they encounter a bomb disposal robot outside the building. Moss is recognised by a shopkeeper from the mall and is arrested. Douglas's second wife Victoria, who had disappeared after two weeks of marriage, reunites with Douglas.

Douglas attempts to represent himself in the trial, with Jen's assistance. Roy and Moss prove poor witnesses due to their prior traumatic legal experiences. Richmond returns as a surprise witness, having shed his goth image to start a business called Goth2Boss. After Douglas unsuccessfully fakes a heart attack, Jen pleads for the court to overlook his pathetic behaviour and to consider the workers at Reynholm Industries who would lose their jobs. Jen falls for a flirtatious coffee barista and recommends her colleagues to try the place, but when Roy goes, he gets a bad cup of coffee from a "small man" barista.

The IT Crowd to get another US reboot with new cast

Get your things and go. Everyone on floor 4 is fired. Escort them from the premises. And do it as a team. Remember, you're a team and if you can't act as a team , you're fired too. Get them to look for a security team that can work as a team. They may have to escort the current security team from the building for not acting like a team. It might be a bit difficult, I have to hack into his private company account. It might take a bit of time. About four rapid keystrokes later That's the sort of place this is, Jen.

A lot of sexy people not doing much work and having affairs. After Roy and Moss try to get Jen sacked from her job, and Douglas tries to spike her tea with Rohypnol, Jen forces Douglas to drink the tea instead which inexplicably makes him extremely aroused, even for Douglas and locks him in a room with Roy and Moss. Douglas, a fat, hairy oaf with mild mental retardation, has a pretty good record with hot women, with Jen and a few rumours and court cases being the exceptions. Roy manages to snag dates, hook-ups and even relationships with some seriously hot, model-calibre women throughout the series, despite his dead-end job, scruffy appearance and geeky demeanour.

However, his relationships never last.

The cast will usually point out and comment on things that exist in the environment purely to advance the plot and don't look like they belong there. Examples include the grandfather clock in the church during Denholm Reynholm's funeral. In one of the episodes, Roy says that his trademark " have you tried turning it off and on again " "is like a bloody catchphrase ". Roy and Moss also have their over the top moments but when she gets going, Jen can out-ham even Douglas. Through an improbable series of events, Roy ends up walking the streets dressed as a tramp begging for 50p for a phone call to allow him to get back into the building.

Then he meets the very tramp he'd heckled earlier for having too improbable of a story. Jen also intentionally ruins Roy's chance to do a nude calendar with the girls on the seventh floor which had been their suggestion, not his. Aside from ruining one of the few Throw the Dog a Bone moments for Roy , her actions took a virtually guaranteed successful way to raise money for charity and pretty much doomed it to failure. Douglas then informs her that the success of the calendar is now entirely her responsibility.

Jen to a guy with mysterious sexuality. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: When Roy is going on about his trauma over being kissed on the ass by a masseur, he has to stop halfway through to angrily tell Jen to quit laughing. However, due to the way the shot is framed and the fact that we don't hear her, it comes off as him shaming the more audible studio audience.

Left the Background Music On: How Roy comes up with his football team name when he sees a ham , and says "West Ham", but subverted in that West Ham is a real team. Roy and Moss completely fall apart when she's not around. When Jen left the IT department for an interview for a new job in one episode, Moss gets electrocuted and concussed and Roy loses his shirt and jacket, gets thrown out of the building and becomes a wandering tramp living in a cardboard box. And all of this happened in the span of two hours.


The Loins Sleep Tonight: Roy suffers this when he can't get some disturbing images out of his mind. Subverted, in that the "potion" is actually just Rohypnol, and lampshaded in The Previously on a later episode, where the narrators point out that Rohypnol doesn't cause arousal - just tiredness. Pre-lampshaded and possibly making the later example a Hypocrisy Nod when Moss asked Jen if she was drinking it because she was having trouble sleeping. Jen, which Roy frequently makes fun of. She gets her own back when he uses the phrase "damp squid" in a courtroom although his explanation of why it should be "squid" rather than "squib" actually makes sense.

Fight The IT Crowd - Series 3 - Episode 4: Fight

This is right after Roy picking on Jen saying complaining that men put women up on a "peddle stool". Moss is utterly convinced that the correct pronunciation of tapas is "tape-ass", no matter what anyone else says. Moss is a man in his thirties who acts and speaks like a 4 year-old most of the time, doesn't swear, still lives with his mother and sobs uncontrollably when confronted by bullies Roy to a lesser extent.

What was that name, was it Ju lie or Ju dy?

Hello, TV Tropes, have you tried turning it on and off again?:

I am declaring war Stress is a disease, people, and I am the cure. I'm a doctor with a cure. I'm a general, and it's still a war! Moss pulls some out when listening to Douglas talk about "Space Star Ordering". According to Roy, he and Moss are just "drudgeons" to everyone else in the building.

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