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Do you think dating sites are for losers or are they more socially acceptable now?
  1. you are an idiot
  2. Online dating: The perils and pitfalls of meeting up with strangers | soulledlife.com
  3. Looking for love online? All you'll find is losers, loners and lotharios!

I could never do it because nothing beats that awkward IRL moment where you first interact with a girl to establish interest. I have made many atempts to make one but they never last more than a week. I just delete them because I just feel like a loser by the end of the day. Oddly enough, there's no social stigma whatsoever for meeting someone on Facebook or Linked in, but if you meet someone on a dating-specific website, you're a loser..

Personally I couldn't care less, but a lot of people do judge these things. Very few people I know have had success with them in terms of a relationship. I think it's best to try to meet people in real life, and to use those as a supplement or meet friends of friends on Facebook. For some reason that is seen as OK even if friends of friends are all online! But most of the guys are way too aggressive and scary on them too. If you respond they message you 10 times in a day and ask you out that night. There are some gems but women have to weed through emails to get to them.

And what I hear about the women is scary. It's time consuming and a lot of work. Even this site is better because at least you'll meet women interested in bodybuilding, vs. You are all idiots u dismiss dating sites yet u are part of these dating sites.

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I havent spent a lot of time of them but I'd say lower your general expectations. They're not an excellent way to meet people, they can however make excellent dating practice and if you get REALLY lucky you might actually find someone.

you are an idiot

Don't go in expecting to meet your next girlfriend. Melbourne crew ENTP for life. I just put up a profile on POF. Hey, what's the harm? I'm pretty busy, so it's just another avenue for me to possibly meet people. I'm not expecting miracles but it only takes finding one person to make it worthwhile. If it doesn't work, there's still real life.

Online dating: The perils and pitfalls of meeting up with strangers | soulledlife.com

While I felt like a "loser" when I finally decided to give in and sign up for one, I am definitely a "winner," so-to-speak, now that I found my girlfriend. I will say, though, that if you're serious about it, go on a paid site; otherwise, they're mostly for hook ups. Anyone can sit here and say it's for losers or it's desperate, but in reality it's no different than anything else these days. If you go into it honestly and with an open mind, you never know. No sense in lying in your profile because would you really want to be with someone who's into u for those false reasons anyway?

Use Tinder if that's the case.

Looking for love online? All you'll find is losers, loners and lotharios!

I don't even care anymore when people ask where we met.. I'd suggest it for anyone, especially if you're busy and don't like "going out" on ur time off. Well everyone likes to come to conclusions but the reality is just that everyone really is different. Just a person having trouble in the dating world, there's a lot of us. Online dating is very popular nowadays, so no you're not a 'loser' for using it. That being said, these sites also attract a lot of 'scraps' of the dating world who can't make it work meeting people in real life for a variety of reasons: The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.

Personally wouldn't use dating sites unless I was desperate for a relationship, I use Tinder as a hook up though. You have to go really, really low before you hit "Socially Unacceptable" these days. Similar Threads Do you think these kids are excited about getting a Nintendo 64 for Christmas? By k04 in forum Misc.

They loved nature, had lovely homes and buoyant bank balances. My first date was with an immaculately dressed year-old with salt and pepper coiffed hair who bleated on about his top job in IT and spent most of the lunch gawping at a group of something female students.

Loser Dating Service

The next day I got an email saying we were not a match. I found it easy to translate: Rejection, even from a stranger, can cut deep. Pic posed by model]. But I had learned a brutal lesson. There are five women to every man on these sites so even the most unremarkable men start to believe they are David Beckham.

2. eharmony

In online dating terms, at 48 I am considered ancient. Even though the site I was on claimed to be for professionals looking for romance, a lot of the men are just trawling for sex. It is so easy to misrepresent yourself online. You may be socially challenged in real life but in cyberspace anyone can pretend to be Leonardo DiCaprio. When I met William, for example, I hardly recognised the cultured, artistic and caring individual from his profile. Not only did he let me know the price of every item on the menu, sparkling conversation for him meant a detailed account of his favourite hobby: After all, I was beginning to find it creepy and it was expensive.

Yet online dating is addictive.

Every morning I would check the sites to see how many messages I had. If I was particularly popular, the idea that I was desirable would give me a shot of confidence. In the end I started to measure my self-worth by whether or not complete strangers found me attractive. Silly as it might sound, I kept hoping my perfect man was only a mouse click away.

That is when I met Paul, a handsome illustrator from Surrey.

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  6. I was just about to give up when his message pinged into my inbox.