Frequency of communication during dating

  1. The Frequency Factor: What’s the Right Amount of Communication During Early Dating?
  2. 5 Texting-While-Dating Rules to Simplify Your Love Life
  3. The Frequency Factor: What’s the Right Amount of Communication During Early Dating?
  4. When dating and living separately, on average, how often should the couple talk or text? - Quora

Again, please frame your answers with regards to the s demographic and modern dating norms.

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As much as I appreciate tradition and the old ways of doing things, we have to accept that the times are a-changin'. Last edited by Lafleur; at Another question I'd like to add is how significant does the communication have to be?

The Frequency Factor: What’s the Right Amount of Communication During Early Dating?

Is a "How was your day? Or should I refrain from these insignificant texts and stick with communicating only when I have a date or plan I'd like to propose? And what should my reasonable expectations be from that person? Dont worry about being seen as clingy. If youre the type of man who loves to give attention and make your interest unambiguous, then communicate as frequent as you please, but not every minute.

If the women dont like it then theyre not your type.

5 Texting-While-Dating Rules to Simplify Your Love Life

But you dont have to be creepy or strange. I like men who are forward and not afraid. In the beginning Id say days a week, getting into what she does, likes and whether shes responsive. Go with what feels comfortable. Im just going by what I like, though. Im a leech for attention from love interests. Just do what feel right. You can't go wrong with that. You HAVE to be yourself. Originally Posted by timberline Just dont go on about your frikkin top tier school and your frikkin salary and your frikkin career.

Originally Posted by Lafleur. For me, I think I prefer to have contact at least once a day, or every other day depending on how busy either of us are. That said, I don't want to be the only one initiating contact. I would like that the lady initiate contact once in awhile, even if just to check in and see how things are going.

Is that too much?

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Originally Posted by Yiuppy. Most guys have texted me a few times a day. Not necessarily something that required an answer, mainly jokes, or that they were thinking of me, or please explain my political affiliation in a way that they don't have to hate me Most of what I got was funny, or a line for me to be funny him: I thought of you while applying a tourniquet today. Are you implying that I am bleeding you dry? Be sure to review Terms of Service: TOS And check this out: I never bring those topics up. I'm not a conceited person and have a difficult time talking about my accomplishments in person.

I only bring those up here to establish that I'm not your typical deadbeat who feels entitled to a wonderful woman. And how many guys do you meet truly blow your mind? What kind of men are you trying to date? Most social interactions I observe are not that mind-blowing IMO. There might be some fun things to discuss, but unless you're dating Richard Branson or Elon Musk, I doubt most guys will have anything more exciting to tell you than about their trip to Asia or Europe. I've also made the first moves physically when I'm interested.

Originally Posted by starla I've considered ditching the guy I went on 3 dates with recently because he doesn't seem that interested. So maybe you didn't show enough interest early on? Originally Posted by realisticbound.

I've seen your posts about that particular woman. You sound like a really nice guy and when you meet the one that you click with mutually you won't have to stress about if it's the exact right time to send a text or if it's the perfect thing to say, I think it will all just fall into place. Good luck with your next date. Last edited by SJC; 29th March at 1: Thanks for the kind words. Not to get off topic but it's all dating so anyway. I'm not leting it stop me move on as I have 2 more dates set up.

I still feel bad though because I don't "crush" too often, meaning I hardly ever meet a woman and start liking her to where I cant stop thinking about her. After our 3rd date I texted her the next day and told her I was thinking about her and then told her I may not get to go out for a couple of weeks due to school.

Then I texted her 2 days later and made small talk and called her a few days later with no texts in between. She took the call and we talked and she said she was going out of town. I texted her a couple days later and she replied, then the next day and she never responded. I called her the next day and two days later she didn't respond and I may have jumped the gun texted her saying I didn't expect an immediate response but was wondering what's up and told her to be honest I won't be mad and wouldn't call anymore. She said she wasn't ignoring me and we agreed we'd like to see eachother again and she flaked till I gave up and then the last one happened where I unintentionally came accross as uninterested and she changed her mind.

The Frequency Factor: What’s the Right Amount of Communication During Early Dating?

Just do what you do, there's no sense in using tactics when it will come out in the end. I've had women start rapid firing me texts like a 13 year old girl within minutes of exchanging numbers. While I found it annoying, I realized this is just how they are and I could deal with it or not. I say call her, text her, e-mail her whatever whenever you want to.

Don't worry too much about playing the game and trying not to mess up or spoil things. When you overthink it is when you screw it up. I've dated guys that ranged from constant contact to a text once or twice weekly. Honestly, if I liked the guy, the frequency of contact didn't matter one bit. It was the quality of contact that mattered. If I could tell he was trying to force a conversation or holding back as to not come across too needy, it was a turn off.

Just contact her when you feel the need and if she's into you, she will appreciate it. I agree with a lot of what Kiss said - a lighthearted text once or twice a day is fine. If you are really into someone, then of course you want to hear from them all the time. If she completely stops answering or doesn't agree to dates anymore, then you have your answer as to whether or not she is interested. I am a guy and from my experiences where the woman will expressed herself to me.

When dating and living separately, on average, how often should the couple talk or text? - Quora

She will tell you how much contact she wants, that is if she likes you. She will also tell you by words or actions what she is comfortable with. She might like the daily phone calls or the good mornings texts. As time goes on there will be short contacts in between dates. If you feel you are over doing it, then you are. If you find out her response frequency has diminished, she is losing patience, if not interests.

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