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She says that her gut intuition says no because she thinks I am more emotional attached that her and that she feels responsible for me What advice and tips I was married to one ESTJ and dated another. I love their drive and passion to get things done. I love the order. However, it seems to me their depth and interest goes into more hands on things where mine are all trapped in my head Dont get me wrong, I enjoy this type a lot I have had a lot of fun and good memories with both of them.

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Originally Posted by tottitotti. I'm guessing that means he doesn't feel like reading it maybe. I speak from my inner estj. Both of my best girlfriends are INTJ's and i get alone super well with them and we have a lot in common. But I agree there are some differences in the S vs. N that make it very difficult. It's quite great to be honest.

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One's verified with plenty of evidence, the other's only got one data point. Which do you think you should choose? But isn't all theory supposed to be based on empirical evidence, or did I misunderstand what my eigth grade science teacher meant when she explained what a scientific theory is? However, test results are often suspect — just because someone says they're ABCD doesn't mean they actually are.

Moreover, MBTI is a means to interpret observable behavior. It is not a filter through which to view reality. So, if someone has a good thing going, and apparently one test shows the other person as ABCD, the least helpful initial reaction is to say "Holy crap, I'd better figure out how we're incompatible in keeping with everything that's on the internet about this.

Goods of ESTJs is that they are driven, ambitious, great leaders, naturals in the business world, hardworking, and reliable.

ESTJ and INTJ Dating

He's been a great father and leader in his workplace. My house has his fingerprints all over it.

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  6. He taught me how to paint and drywall. He helped me install a door in a cinderblock wall and install attic stairs in my ceiling. He even enjoyed doing those things with me.

    Estj dating intj !

    And, when he washes off the grime and dirt of our projects, he goes back to being an executive vice president. He's brilliant, multi-talented, and we connect intellectually. I would never date someone like my father, though, because I want intuitive qualities that he lacks, but he's a great man. Bad is that they are often even less emotionally intelligent than INTJs and we're usually bad enough as it is , you can't expect to get anything intuitive from them so if your humor is absurdist, or you're particularly artistic and want that in a partner, not good , and they can be stubborn.

    INTJ Relationships With Each Myers Briggs Personality Types

    I'm an ideas person, so ESTJs' lack of imagination is a killer for me. He loves watching sci-fi shows on netflix, and loves a variety of music, and he's a gamer. He loves ideas and thoughty jokes like me and she's just not that way. Humor and hobbies are disappointments.

    It looks like her ability to mix Te and Si may help her ground you by explaining Si, which INTJ's aren't usually quite so good at, in a language you can understand.

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    Ne is going to like listening to your Ni I've found that's very much the case with my INFP husband - he listens to my ideas and offers ways to expand them. Plus you won't have an Fi-Fe conflict, which seems to be at the root of another relationship I know which is struggling a bit. There's a pattern here though, N types typically like N types.

    I dated an ESTJ for about 5 years. She is beautiful, hard working, motivated. We had problems with communication, as neither of us were overly emotional. In the end, the relationship failed because I struggled with depression and really entered a slump in my life, which she wasn't willing to deal with. And that's okay, a smart decision. I think if you really like this ESTJ, go for it.

    You will find yourself having to agree to disagree about some things, due to your N type and her S type. For example, my ESTJ ex thought I was always trying to "show off how smart I am" when I was with her family, because I really like to share fun facts, that's a big way that I get to know people and spark conversations. I think it will be prudent for you to take an interest in her interests. My ex loved receiving gifts, so I'd buy her boots and rings, perfume and makeup. I would write down the fashionable things she mentioned she liked, and tried to develop an eye for the stylish things she liked.

    My ex was trendy, somewhat shallow, and while she wasn't emotional on the surface, her love was on fire and deliberate. She was really into the big house and cars, and nice clothes, so I met her halfway in that regard, and she liked that I'm intelligent and a deep thinker, and I felt that she valued my input which was a good feeling for me.

    You can totally be a power couple. Neither INTJs or ESTJs are particularly emotional, so it is probably a good idea to be emotionally vulnerable, and to really work on your communication and openness about your feelings.

    The Pros and Cons of Dating Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

    I'm not sure which part of what I wrote, if anything, rings true for your relationship, but feel free to ask me about aspects of my relationship with my ex. It was unfortunate that it ended, but like I said, due to my depression the relationship withered and became unhealthy for the both of us. And I wanted to tell you, that no matter which MBTI type you or your partner are, you can make it last forever if you try to see things from each other's perspective, meet halfway, and keep the romance alive.

    I can totally relate to this even at this early point. Thanks for the reply, and best of luck to you. My bff was an SJ. I say was because if I ever see him again I will murder the fucker.