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Restore a backup if you have one. Tap Set Up as New iPhone if you don't have a backup to restore. Enter your Apple ID. When prompted, type in your Apple ID email address and password. Depending on your iPhone's version of iOS, this may occur sooner or later in the setup than it does in these instructions. Follow the rest of the setup instructions. These will include finalizing your restore if you chose to restore a backup, agreeing to Apple's terms of use, setting up Siri and Keychain if you like, and entering your passcode for the first time.

This link will appear toward the bottom of the screen.

Steps to Activate a Prepaid Verizon Wireless Phone

Once you tap it, your iPhone will unlock and you'll be able to begin using it. Allow your iPhone to activate. Since this is the first time your iPhone is using its SIM card, it will take a few minutes to display your carrier in the top-left corner of the screen. You won't be able to make any calls during this time. Your iPhone will already be activated if you bought it in-person from the Verizon store. Activate 4G or a pre-paid service plan. Depending on whether you're using a new SIM card and the terms of your Verizon contract, respectively, you may need to do one or both of the following once your iPhone has been activated: Activate 4G — Dial on a different phone, then follow the spoken prompts.

Skip this step if you used your old phone's SIM card. Skip this step if you were prompted for your pre-paid plan information during setup. Make sure you have a Gmail account. If you don't already have a Gmail account, you'll need to make one before proceeding.

Your Gmail account will be used to log into most of your Android services. Place your old phone's SIM card in your Android. If you're using a new SIM card, you'll insert it instead if it isn't already installed in your phone. Press and hold the "Power" button, which is usually on the right side of the Android's housing, to do so.

You can release the button when you see the screen light up. If your phone won't turn on, you may first have to charge it.

4G LTE Phones

Tap the current language in the middle of the screen, then select your preferred language in the drop-down menu and tap the right-facing arrow. This is a four-digit code which can be found on your SIM card's packaging. You should be able to call Verizon and ask for the PIN if you don't remember it. You'll need to provide some form s of identification e. On the "Select Wi-Fi network" page, do the following: Tap the network's name.

Copy another Android's data. If you have an Android from which you want to add data to your current Android, check the "Copy your Google Accounts, apps, and data from your other device" box if available , then tap NEXT and follow any on-screen instructions or prompts. Log into your Gmail account. You'll skip this step if you choose to import data from a different Android.

Create a proprietary account if you like. Some Androids, such as Samsung Galaxy phones, will ask you if you want to create an account for their phone model-specific services. You can usually skip this step, though signing up for such accounts will give you access to model-specific services e. Add another email if desired.

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If you want to add an additional email account to your Android, check the "Personal" box, tap NEXT , and follow the instructions. On the "Protect your phone" page, check the "Protect this device" box, then tap NEXT and follow the on-screen instructions. Set up the rest of your Android's features. These may vary depending on your Android, but you'll usually have the following options: Google Now — You may be prompted to review Google Now's setup instructions.

If so, tapping NEXT will prompt the next page to appear. Other services — Apps such as Google Drive may require setup before you can proceed. This step depends heavily on your Android, as not all Androids come with pre-installed software. Once you've finished setting up your Android's basic options, you'll be prompted to activate your Android by tapping Activate now or similar.

Verizon Activating your phone

This process will take a few minutes; once it completes, you should see "Verizon" in the top-left corner of the screen. Depending on whether you're using a new SIM card and the terms of your Verizon contract, respectively, you may need to do one or both of the following once your Android has been activated: Insert the battery into the phone.

You'll usually slide off the back of the phone and then place the battery in the compartment there, but check your phone's documentation for specific instructions if you get stuck. Charge the phone for one hour. Using the included charger, plug in your phone and leave it alone for around an hour.

Video of the Day

This will ensure that the phone is fully charged before you attempt to set it up. Turn on the phone. Once you've finished charging the phone, press and hold the Send key until you see the Verizon logo appear on-screen.

The phone should turn on from there. Navigate the initial setup process. Since this is your first time turning on the phone, you may be prompted to enter any or all of the following information: Language Region Date and Time. Open the phone's dial screen. Verizon Wireless allows you to bring your own device or purchase one of their phones to use on their prepaid plans.

3 Ways to Set up Your New Verizon Wireless Cell Phone - wikiHow

How to activate your Verizon prepaid cell phone depends entirely on whether or not you bring your own device. The first step of the prepaid activation process is to purchase a prepaid plan online. Verizon offers plans ranging from a 3GB data limit to unlimited data. All plans include unlimited talk and text as well as a mobile hotspot option. Select a plan on the Verizon Wireless Prepaid Plan section of the site and choose whether or not to purchase a Verizon phone or to bring your own device. The next step of the online activation process depends on which option you select.

Verizon offers a variety of smartphones and basic cell phones that are compatible with their prepaid plans. Select your cell phone and prepaid plan online. Once your cell phone arrives within business days, you can activate it on your prepaid Verizon plan. Verizon will mail you a SIM card that is tied to your prepaid service plan.

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