Orange is the new black writer divorces her husband starts dating poussey

  1. 'Orange is The New Black' writer divorces husband to date Poussey actress
  2. Now Trending: Orange is the New Black writer divorces husband to date cast member Samira Wiley
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  4. 'Orange Is The New Black' Writer Divorces Her Husband, Starts Dating Poussey : television
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I could never figure it out why gays are so anti-bisexual, you'd think they'd understand Bisexual is a label used commonly as a transitional label before coming out as gay. That's why gay men and some gay women give those that identify as bisexual a hard time. If it was about dating one of the male characters, it would be completely different. This is a story of self-discovery and freeing a crucial part of her identity that had been so repressed that she didn't even know it was there. You hit the nail on the head here. I would say that this is a sad story on a lot of levels, sad for the husband, sad for the writer-wife who lived that long hiding her true self but ultimately happy ending that she finally was able to be true to herself and saved her and her husband from living through many more unhappy years in a relationship that was clearly doomed anyway.

Sounds like she could definitely afford one. Divorce is hard enough without it being paraded around that your wife left you because she was gay. Amicable doesn't mean it didn't hurt. It's unfair to project your emotions onto the husband. If they say it's amicable, then we have no reason to assume it isn't, maybe he loves her enough that he can let her be truly happy.

And read again, the Lexus belongs to her.

'Orange is The New Black' writer divorces husband to date Poussey actress

She's a writer on a highly successful television show. If I ever get divorced from a stay at home wife, will you come explain to the courts that all the crap she bought with my money belongs to me and not her? Good for her, glad she's finally comfortable with herself. Feel sorry for her ex-husband though. It's got to suck to have your wife discover she's not actually physically attracted to you.

It doesn't suck as much as it is a mind fuck. It's a bullet dodged, really. And she might be attracted to him, it never says otherwise. I think it's more of a mental attraction than a physical one. Females are more likely to be bisexuals than men, because physical attraction is not as big of a factor as it is for men. In america females are more likely to identify themselves as bisexuals than men. Females don't prioritize looks as much as men do. They care more about your social status and your personality. Guess the top reason why females cheat? Because of personality flawed they see in their partners.

So it's valid to hypothesize that she left him because of other factors than just lack physical attraction. It wouldn't even be that bad if it had been "females and males" rather than "females and men". Females are more likely to identify as bisexual because American society shuns homosexuality in men. Our society is a patriarchal one ruled by white men.

Now Trending: Orange is the New Black writer divorces husband to date cast member Samira Wiley

In other words, women have no fear in identifying as bisexual cuz it feeds into straight male fantasy. Men actually have something to fear. So it's not "fact", but good job. Not to mention society almost demands it in women. What a load of shit. The mental gymnastics you people go through to attribute everything to the patriarchy would be impressive if it wasn't so delusional.

Writer had a mid-life crisis, dumped her husband to go on a lesbian tryst, and we'll see if she stays a lesbian for the rest of her life. You don't just "go lesbian". You obviously didn't understand where any of is were coming from. I still don't understand how some women come to find their sexual preference so late in life. It's more that they've repressed it for a long time, same thing happens men. Didn't you see Brokeback Mountain? Or reading her essay it looks more like she loved her husband and thought she wasn't a sexual person. Some people never truly consider the alternatives.

Sort of an "it's always been done this way" attitude, except with sexuality. I wonder if HuffPo would have found it "empowering" if a male writer divorced his wife and started dating a young hot actress on the show he was writing. I feel fucking awful for the husband. I'm not going to say anything mean about the woman because sexuality is fucking complicated, but the writer of this story is heartless. If it makes you feel any better she left her husband a year ago, she didn't suddenly leave her husband for Samira Wiley.

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Huffington Post just really sucks at writing articles. It's interesting that it took her such a long time to find out she's gay. I believe most people know pretty early in life.

Lauren Morelli and Samira Wiley - Lauren Morelli husband, Samira Wiley wife

Even at an early age, I felt some sort of attraction to women. Although, I have read that women tend to be more 'flexable' with their sexuality. I believe I'd know when I started writing homoerotic fiction for a best selling network. That shit is so manly that his hetro status will be assured throughout the annuls of history.

BTW, manliness and homosexuality are not mutually exclusive. You can love Hemingway, ice fishing, and monster trucks and still be queer as a three dollar bill. I agree completely, but if you've read Tobius' seminal work you'd understand why I call him a mans man. In that book he really isn't afraid to delve deep inside a man. He touched me, in what felt like my most private part, like he's touched so many other men. I guess that's why he's one of the worlds best analrapists.

Poussey is one woman who might be able to get this straight chick to change teams. She is hot, funny, and makes German sound sexy.

'Orange Is The New Black' Writer Divorces Her Husband, Starts Dating Poussey : television

You had me till that last point. Her German was pretty stilted, and real German sounds more like French then the guttural screaming Hollywood makes it out to be. On Sunday, the LAPD admitted they detained Watts and Lucas after officers responded to a call regarding "indecent exposure" by a couple in a vehicle. Luke Perry will take a key role on the upcoming spinoff series CSI: Also in the cast: Cyber is slated for a midseason launch on CBS. Kathy Griffin would happily host a late-night talk show, but nobody asked her. Her comeback to the exec: Lindsay Lohan has suggested that she handled the late Whitney Houston's body as part of her court-ordered community service.

In a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph, Lohan said that during her four-month stint with the Los Angeles County Department of Coroner in late and early , one of her duties involving the moving of corpses that came through the city morgue. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff.

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  2. 'Orange Is the New Black' Writer Divorces Husband, Starts Dating Poussey Actress Samira Wiley.
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