Dating the same person over and over

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  4. Are You Dating the Same Person Over and Over: 5 Ways to Know
  5. 1. Your Friends and Family

We gain mastery over this process with each new choice we make.

Dating deja vu: How to stop falling for the same type over and over

It's a skillset that can only be refined after we've walked through an experience, not before. Living with the outcome of our choices enables us to make wise assessments based on the insights that emerged from that transit. Repeats are here to jog our awareness. They jump-start the process of moving away from our past by replaying it in our present day lives. Repeats force us to ask a pivotal question, "Am I done with this scenario? Identifying our patterns allows us to amend our relationship design to reflect our current needs and desires.

Over 50s dating: 6 ways to know your older lover is into you

Correct partner selection is vital to a rewarding relationship. Repeats serve as a form of "check in. We learn to recognize character traits that no longer serve us. Identifying unwanted behaviors and attitudes enables us to move away from these situations with ease. There's no reason to berate our selves, or our date. We've come to a magical place of awareness. We now have a better template for love. Re-calibration is the tuning of our exact desire, to its exact form. Each time we tune-up to where we want to go with greater precision, we're in the act of moving toward the goal we want to attain.

Each time we amend a former choice, we send out the signal that we're ready for a new reality to take place. The world has an incentive to work with us, if we allow it. Life is here to ask us what we want and don't want , through our experiences.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

Rather than imagine we're stalled, we can look at these events as conclusive proof that we're in the process of moving forward. Don't panic if you feel uncomfortable. We'll often subconsciously return to things that feel familiar and remind us of our childhood or past, even if it wasn't a happy time in our lives. We're drawn to what we know and are used to feeling.

Your mother was an interfering, over-dramatic person who argued constantly with your Dad? Don't be surprised if you find yourself drawn to argumentative people — and leave them for exactly that reason. The more people you go out with, the more you get to hone those relationship skills.

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The more diverse the people you date, the more likely you are to know exactly what type of personality suits you best. Not all relationships are meant to last. And neither should we want them to. A lusty three-week fling with someone radically different to your norm might be just what you need to get over that ex-obsession for good.

The person who's cute and clever but about to be transferred to another city in three months? So what if the only aisle you'll walk down together is at the movies. There are lots of different types of relationships and each has their own appeal. Give people a chance and don't get too hung up on 'happy ever after' and you'll stop writing off relationships before they've had a chance to grow.

First impressions aren't always accurate. There's a perception that somehow you're 'wasting time' or 'being cruel' by dating someone when you know it's not going to be long term. As long as you're honest, there's absolutely no reason to refuse a date on Saturday night just because you know it won't last past a week. First impressions are often wrong and that one date can turn into a lifelong love. How often have you heard someone say about their spouse, 'I nearly didn't go out with them because they're so not my type'? Dating outside your comfort zone forces you to be different as well.

We react the same to the same kind of people.

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If you're with someone totally different, you'll behave differently — which may not be a bad thing. Part of the reason your relationships aren't working may well be that you're secretly sabotaging.

Are You Dating the Same Person Over and Over: 5 Ways to Know

If the person you're with won't tolerate certain behaviour or calls you on it, it can be a powerful 'wake up and smell the coffee' moment. Being fancied is no bad thing.

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  4. Even if they're not your cup of tea, it's a massive ego boost if you are theirs. Who doesn't want to go out with someone who thinks they're drop dead gorgeous? Tracey suggests trying to discover what's really important to you. You'll then have a list of what you will and won't compromise on with a partner, built on more important things than looks or hair colour file photo. Let yourself discover new things.

    If this person isn't what you're used to, chances are they'll introduce you to a whole new range of things: Date the same type and you already know what their family and friends are going to be like. Date someone completely different and you have no idea what to expect. Variety provides excitement and intensity that you don't get if you play it safe the whole time. Try on a 'new you'. If your usual type is someone in a suit and you're now dating a landscape gardener, turning up buttoned up isn't going to cut it.

    Wear something different and you might end up adding more than just a new dimension to your look.

    1. Your Friends and Family

    We dress to attract our type and the way we dress attracts a certain type. If you don't like what you see in the mirror, change your image. Discover what's really important to you. Tracey pictured believes we need top break out of our comfort zone and try new hobbies to meet new types of people.

    Being challenged is good for you: Dating new types of people will expose you to different ways of thinking about the world. You'll then have a list of what you will and won't compromise on with a partner, built on more important things than looks or hair colour. As I said at the start, not all relationships are meant to last forever but plenty move from romantic to platonic friendship. Friendship and love require different qualities so while they might not be your perfect love match, they might well become a treasured long-term friend who offers a much-needed alternative perspective.

    People stick to one type for many reasons but a common one is that they're scared to go for people they could really fall for. If you secretly believe love is doomed and always ends badly, you could be deliberately dating people you know you won't fall for as protection from being hurt. Have your partners always been way more into you than you are them? If the answer is 'yes', chances are you're playing it safe. Loving someone is always a risk but it's a risk worth taking. If you're terrified of taking the plunge, visit a good therapist itsgoodtotalk; relate to talk through why.

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