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The quick detach button, in my opinion, is the one of the finest inventions for the AR15 ever conceived. They are pretty foolproof. I see a fixed metal loop and a sling that attaches with a metal loop that opens. There will be some gap between the two loops so that attachment and sliding is possible. Thus there will be noise. With a pushbutton QD the locking balls use up all remaining clearance between the two parts and there is no rattle or relative movement when connected.

Rotation is still possible, sliding is neither possible nor desired. QD swivel moves up and down, that means it make noise. Most slings have metal hooks instead of cloth straps. Slings with plastic hooks are bad. They tend to come unattached from the mount when doing drills. QD mounts are also more rugged than you would think. Ive used them in afghanistan and they gave me no issues. They impressed me considering I used to swear by hook-style slings.

MAD Hook Up Single Point Sling Attachment -The Firearm Blog

QD mount comes in two pieces, the mount and the moving metal swivel. Let me stress moving metal swivel. Let used your HK hook for example. HK type hooks are made of metal. Now you are attaching a metal part to a moving swivel. The hook will go left and right. While the swivel itself will move up and down that is attached to the QD mount.

MAD Hook Up Sling Mount

Now lets use the MAD single mount. MAD is a fix non-moving loop. You attached the HK hook to it. The HK hook move left and right. However I will said this, it is better to use items that are design as one piece rather than two or more. And the hook still moves around.

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The noise is nothing to be too concerned about. It is my opinion that the quick detach mount makes less noise because there is less movement. Any movement is dampened by the sling looped around the QD mount. Your hook system is composed of two parts: I am not a fan of wolf hook or single point slings.

Ambulancia klinickej imunológie a alergológie / Ambulancia pneumológie

This will work with most single and two point slings. The package includes the two-piece mount, two cap screws that are pre-treated with Vibra-TITE thread locker, an Allen wrench and an alcohol prep-pad to clean off the attachment point prior to installation.

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CNC machines form the two clamp pieces out of a block of steel and the parts are then sent to Burlington Engineering for their Melonite finish. This was interesting to me, since the process yields a finish that is highly corrosion and wear resistant. The parts run about. The manufacturer lists the weight at 1. The mount does not require the removal of the receiver extension, which is perfect for those folks who don't want to remove the staked on receiver extension nut or end plate.

Mad hook up sling mount for sale

For LE or Mil issued carbines, regulations typically prohibit the removal of the such parts and the MAD requires no permanent modification to the weapon, so it's more likely to get the stamp of approval by the armorer or chain of command. Installation took all of about two minutes on a Colt carbine, with a mil-spec receiver extension. The manufacturer indicates it will also work with a commercial receiver extension. The wide loop on the bottom of the mount allows the sling hook to slide to either side without catching on anything, making transitions to the opposite side easier.

I was initially concerned that the bottom loop would protrude excessively and possibly interfere with manipulations, but I did not find that to be the case.

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