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The story of the church at Ephesus ends in Revelation 2: History bears witness to the fact that they did not repent. But for those who do, this is how our story ends: The Lamb who was slain to purchase redemption is the Good Shephard. He will receive the due reward for His suffering. He will have His people living with Him in His heavenly kingdom under His rule. The following quote by J. Ryle is a fitting conclusion and summary of this lesson.

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It comes from a Grace Gems devotional. Would I know how exceedingly sinful and abominable sin is in the sight of God? Where shall I see sin most fully brought out? Shall I turn to the history of the flood, and read how sin drowned the world? Shall I go to the shore of the Dead.

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Sea, and mark what sin brought on Sodom and Gomorrah? I can find a clearer proof still! I look at the cross of Christ! There I see that sin has so separated me from my holy Maker, that all the angels in Heaven could never have made peace between us.

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Nothing could reconcile us, short of the death of Christ. If I listened to the wretched talk of proud people, I might sometimes imagine that sin was not so very sinful! But I cannot think little of sin, when I look at the cross of Christ! The major themes in the book of Leviticus are as follows: Therefore, considering these Truths, is there a specific area of your life that you need to change? What will you do about it? Be specific, make it measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound James 1: Acts of prayer are: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.

As we learned in previous weeks, God planned, purposed, provided, and, ultimately paid the cost required for our pardon. It was all part of His macro plan. Now, we will focus on the micro plan, and see how the Lord works in the lives of individuals to woo and pursue them to Himself Matthew From first to last, God is the one who orchestrates, initiates, and instigates our salvation John 6: If you want to know if God is actively involved in your life, then take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce on the times when God stepped into the mess of your life and altered a seemingly hopeless situation.

The bigger the mess, the greater the opportunity for God to show up and show off His glory. What He does is synonymous with who He is. He is rich in mercy, grace, and unfailing love. The original languages of the Bible intrigue me.

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For instance, looking up the following words, I found that they are almost always prefaced with superlatives such as: Our key Passages for this lesson are as follows:. Even though I was formerly a blasphemer and a persecutor, and an arrogant man. This saying is trustworthy and deserves full acceptance: But here is why I was treated with mercy: As an Old Testament scholar, Paul knew all too well what he deserved for his sins Acts 8: He also knew from experience that God is who He said He is.

He is longsuffering, merciful and gracious towards sinners. The doctrines of grace and mercy permeated every epistle Paul wrote. What specifically is it referring to? In fact, all these Hebrew words are connected. Before my husband Art was saved he presented me with a gift that spoke volumes about our relationship.

It was a padded toilet seat. I was less than underwhelmed by his generosity. Have you received the gifts of forgiveness, mercy, and grace? To whom much is given, much will be required! Using an acronym for gift, here are some markers of someone who has received the gift of salvation in Christ Jesus:.

I live in humility and patience with others F orgiveness towards others as I have been forgiven T hanksgiving, gratitude and joy. We know that salvation is a priceless gift of God. But, the gift of salvation, like any gift, must be received. Once a person has heard the gospel, and the Holy Spirit is drawing them to Christ, what must a person do to be saved?

To put it another way, how do you receive the gift? That is what this lesson is all about. The two keys that are required to receive salvation are repentance and faith. We will talk about what it means to have true Godly sorrow versus worldly sorrow and saving faith versus vain faith. What amount of time did he spend with these people? How do we know this? Write the names and scripture What is significant about Antioch modern day Lebanon? What was the first thing Priscilla and Aquila did when they arrived in Ephesus?

Who was their primary disciple in Ephesus? Where did they disciple Apollos? Read 1 Corinthians From this passage, it is inferred that someone else discipled Apollos.

Spiritual Matchmaking

What discipling principles can we glean from their example? What did Paul find when he returned to Ephesus? After two years of discipling these men, what were the results? What did he say was his main purpose Acts Fill in the blanks. When people are evangelized and discipled, they become and. We learned that disciple-making takes time. What new thing did you learn from this lesson? How did the Lord speak personally to you through this lesson? Will you commit to finding at least one person to do this study with you? Where was Paul when he wrote these letters, and who was with him?

How long had it been since Paul had lived in Ephesus? Read the following salutations and note where and to whom the epistles are addressed. What does this tell you? What is the key phrase? Where were these mysteries previously hidden? The book of Ephesians is split into two parts. What two things do the first three chapters cover? What is the subject of the last three chapters?

What doctrine of the faith do we clearly observe in the first fourteen verses? Why has God determined where we should live? What does it mean to abide in Christ? What are some practical ways that those of us who are in Christ remain there? He knew where home was, and his spiritual address was secure.

How should the reality of our spiritual position in Christ impact our everyday lives? Remembering that we, too, were once separated from the love of God and without hope in this world, think of people you know who are still living in this location. This is the condition of all humanity—all are spiritually in. Our Condition determines our spiritual location. We were all separated from God in Adam. Once we realize our condition, we should not be surprised when sinners act like Read Genesis 3: How did we get in this hopeless location?

We were all born there and trace our roots back to Adam and Read 1 Corinthians Because of our mortality in Adam, we are all appointed a day to die physically. If we remain in Adam, we will be dead Read Revelation 9: Spiritual Personals Dating, events and retreats. Spiritual online dating site for conscious singles to meet their spiritual match.

Conscious Dating Site for spiritual singles, conscious singles and poly singles. Spiritual Singles dating, events and retreats.

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