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Job interview speed dating

I reach out to a number of alumni to ask if they will come to my class and participate in mock interviews. I like to invite alumni for two reasons: First, it shows students the wide variety of potential career paths they can have after graduating from our law school—and inviting relatively recent alumni makes those careers seem more realistically attainable.

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Second, it gives students an opportunity to network with employers who may be particularly inclined to hire our grads. For my class of 24 students, I try to find six alumni to conduct in-person interviews. I also line up one person to participate via Skype and another to interview via phone. This exercise will work with more or fewer, too, so use whatever resources you have. Three to five days in advance: I tell students that we will be conducting interviews in class and I solicit six volunteers to participate in the phone and Skype interviews.

I remind the phone interviewees to bring their phones to class as if they need the reminder!

Interview Speed Dating

I email the alumni to confirm their participation and to let them know when and where to show up or to sit by their phone or computer. I emphasize that I want them to ask the types of interview questions that they would normally ask candidates during an interview. I find that the students are exposed to a wider variety of interviewing styles and have a more realistic experience if the interviewers ad lib.

In addition to pitching yourself, you'll get to hear each participant's pitch and even ask questions.

Speed Interview

However, you'll only have the chance to talk to each person for a few minutes, so it's really important to be prepared with questions that will keep the conversation flowing and make the most out of the time you have together. Here are some questions to get you started: What's your favorite part of your job?

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  • Did you always know that this is what you wanted to do with your career? What's your least favorite part of your job? What makes a resume stand out to you? What's been your biggest career struggle and how do you overcome it? What are your favorite productivity sites, tools, and apps? What would you assume I want to do based on my resume?

    Job interview speed dating - Murmuration

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    How to Ace Speed Job Interviews

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